Vetopharm International for Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals:

Vetopharm International for Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals is a new pharmaceutical company established in 2008 and located at New Borg El Arab City, Alexandria, Egypt.

Vetopharm strategy is to combine the best of human pharmaceutical and veterinary products to become a leading and a fast growing pharmaceutical company in Egypt driven by science and values.

To do this Vetopharm is focusing on building strong brands, best in class interactions with pharmacies and healthcare professionals, the highest quality products at the right time and cost, and talented committed people.

Vetopharm represents a new approach in the field of technology of pharmaceutical industries. The factory is built-up according to the highest international standards and the state of art in both the infrastructure and the production facilities 

Vetopharm is manufacturing and introducing to the Egyptian pharmaceutical market the most recent and essential pharmaceutical products in a wide range of therapeutic areas with affordable prices. 

Vetopharm portfolios and products are contributing in major diseases and therapy areas like:

 1. Cardiovascular diseases

 2. Central nervous system diseases

 3. Respiratory system diseases.

 4. Dermatological diseases

 5. Diabetes mellitus

 6. Anti-infectives

 7. Corticosteroids

 8. Anesthetics drugs

 9. Oncology drugs

10. Sterile eye preparations

11. Dietary supplement, vitamins, tonics and anti-obesity preparations

Vetopharm Manufacturing:

Vetopharm manufacturing processes are carried out according to the current GMP requirements. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for production and quality control processes are clearly written, followed up and rechecked periodically. 

Vetopharm is manufacturing a wide range of both human and veterinary pharmaceutical products in different production lines and dosage forms:

1. Solid Dosage Forms: Hard Gelatin Capsules, tablets (Uncoated, Film Coated, Sugar Coated, Extended Release).

2. Semi-Solid Dosage Forms: Topical Cream, Gel, Ointment.

3. Lotion, solution, Shampoo Line.

4. Veterinary Plant (Veterinary Powder, Cans Line, Sachets Line).

Future Lines:

1. Cephalosporin Vial Line.

2. Cephalosporin Veterinary Line 

3. Sterile Ampoules & Vial Line.

4. Powder for Reconstitution Suspension Line

Current Available Human Products:

Vetocetamol Tablets:

Vetocetamol tablet is used to relief pain and fever associated with influenza, common cold, sinusitis and other febrile conditions. Also used in headache, toothache, neuralgia, dysmenorrhea, arthralgia, myalgia and similar disorders.

Nerhamicin Topical Cream:

Nerhamicin cream is used in the treatment of bacterial skin infections like impetigo, folliculitis, abscesses, infected lacerations, abrasions, burns & surgical wounds and bacterial super-infections of fungal and viral lesions.

Vetochitosan Hard Gelatin Capsules:

Vetochitosan helps in weight loss during weight control programs.

Nerhahair Topical Lotion:

Nerhahair is widely used for the treatment of hair loss. It is effective in helping promote hair growth in both males and females with androgenic alopecia.

Current Available Veterinary Products :

– Nerhacyin 14% water soluble veterinary powder: Neomycin sulfate 20% 

– Nerhapro water soluble veterinary powder: Amprolium HCL 20%

– Pipra V 35.5% water soluble veterinary powder:  Piperazine citrate 100%

– Norvinex injection: each 100 ml contains Nitroxynil 25 gm

– Kill Cox feed additive veterinary powder: Diclazuril 0.5%

– Moxifarm 20%, Amoxicillin (as trihydrate) 20%

– Nerhacyin 49% water soluble veterinary powder: Neomycin sulfate70%

– TakyDox water soluble veterinary powder:  Doxycycline HCl 20%

– Gastrostin water soluble powder: colistin (as sulphate ) 5 MIU/gm

– Moxifarm plus water soluble powder: Amoxicillin ( as trihydrate ) 150 mg + colistin sulphate 500000 IU / gm