It is issued quarterly.
Total print run is 20000 per issue.
Readership: Hospital pharmacists, independent pharmacy staff, government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry as well as physicians and respective patients.
It focuses on the effect of political, economic regulatory and social developments on the healthcare sector. Also, a mix of news, business management, retailing advice and drug education for both pharmacists and pharmacy assistants.
Group profile: A two-page advertorial feature each issue, written by Pharma Today journalists and supported by two full pages of advertising. A great opportunity to tell pharmacists about the direction of our business is heading in partnership with pharmacy, and the people in it.
It tackles worldwide latest researches, findings in health and medicine with information coverage on international and local exhibitions or events related to medicine.
Pharma Today interviews prominent figures in health care and personal care.
It provides connections of ideas, suggestions, points of view, new products and services between various market players.
It gives the opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to discuss a specific disease or condition and offer conclusions.
Pharma Today advertises Medicine, Cosmetics, Medical equipment, Medical services, as well as any products or services not specific to the sector such as Bank services, cars, airlines’ services … etc.
Not only advertising a product or service but the opportunity to sponsor a specific subject or article or message.
Pharma Today targets the most important and influential Audience within the sector and also for general readers.