About Middle East Chemicals:

Middle East Chemicals MEC was established in 1975 as a limited liability company. It is considered the first privately owned company distributing pharmaceutical products in Egypt after more than two decades of state monopoly imposed by late Nasser regime.

The company structure called for developing exclusive sales force for each of the largest pharmaceutical companies at that time. In addition, MEC is also engaged in direct distribution coverage through the respective dedicated sales force.

MEC offers its customers exclusive and extra-ordinary services compared to or offered by any other distributors.

Moreover, MEC is involved in local manufacturing of personal care products including shaving cream, Shaving gel, shaving foam, after shave and cologne. The Company can also offer its principals contract packing arrangements including filling of toothpastes, creams, lotions, shampoos, splashes and gels.

MEC Principals:

Fortune Pharmaceutical & FMCG Companies:


Local Manufacturers of Fortune Pharmaceutical Companies : 

Pharco (Scherer, MEAD, Johnson, Latima, Merz, Ameryia).
MUP (Schering US, Beecham, Lederle, Mepha, Lek, New Port, Chauvin, Abbott-Pierre/Fabre, Proods).
Minapharm (Schering, Domex, Leo, Dr. Falk, Schwarz, Lipha, Schwabe).